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Secondary School

Year 2004

Obispo Perelló College, Madrid[/lumos_icon_block][lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-check-2″]

High School. Science of nature and health modality

Year 2008

IES Salvador Dalí, Madrid[/lumos_icon_block][lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-check-2″]

B1 English

Year 2010

Official Language School, Torrevieja[/lumos_icon_block][lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-check-2″]

Adobe Photoshop Design and y Digital Image Edition

Year 2013

University of Alicante[/lumos_icon_block][lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-check-2″]

Mobile Apps Development

Year 2016

Complutense University, Madrid & Google Activate[/lumos_icon_block][lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-check-2″]

Computer Engineering Degree

Year 2017

University of Alicante[/lumos_icon_block][lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-check-2″]

Computer Engineering Master’s Degree (Audit and Quality of Computer Systems)

July 2019

University of Alicante[/lumos_icon_block]

Work experience

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Torrevieja Town Hall

January 2015 – February 2015

  • Internships carried out in Torrevieja Town Hall.
  • CIT Maintenance and management tasks. Hardware, software, databases.
  • Development and computer networks.

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Torrevieja Town Hall

July 2015 – August 2015

  • Internships carried out in Torrevieja Town Hall.
  • CIT Maintenance and management tasks. Hardware, software, databases.
  • Development and computer networks.

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Doctor Computers

July 2016 – April 2017 / July 2017 – June 2018

  • Web and software development. LAMP environments, Prestashop, WordPress, .NET, C#, MySQL, SQLite, etc.
  • Informatic systems setting and maintenance
  • Hardware repairing
  • Computer networks and network services design and deployment
  • Sales and costumer service.
  • Commercial management.

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Mayrasa Properties

July 2018 – March 2019

  • Head of the internal IT department.
  • Head of the internal software development projects.
  • IT maintenance and management.

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November 2018

Second prize Data Science and Artificial Intelligence “El Santo Comunicación”[/lumos_icon_block][lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-shirt”]


March 2019 – Actually

  • Head of the IT department.
  • Head of the main project development

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July 2019

  • Software project for master’s degree final work
  • Electronic democratic votations software[/lumos_icon_block]

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About me

“Is success is the goal? I don’t think so. The goal is manage to get, defend and keep our freedom”

Richard Stallman

I’m an enthusiast of computer security and software development. I started my career as a computer engineer at the University of Alicante with specialized in Software Engineering.

My main skills are web development over LAMP enviroments. I have also worked developing desktop software in .NET and Java as main languages. Currently I am complementing my skills taking lessons on Computer Engineering Master’s Degree at University of Alicante and I have the aim to consolidate my professional skills towards de IT CIO profile of a company.

Antonio Fajardo

Main skills

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Development team management and agile software development techonologies experience (Scrum, XP).[/lumos_icon_block][lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-lock”]

Digital security

Great experience with distribuyed environments, client-server architecture through comunication networks.[/lumos_icon_block]

[lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-image”]

Multimedia and graphic design

Advanced skills with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiére and Adobe Audition.

[/lumos_icon_block][lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-code”]

Development languages

Great experience with PHP, .NET (C#) and Java[/lumos_icon_block]

[lumos_icon_block icon=”budicon-network”]

Web development

Big experience with LAMP environments. Websites and web applications develoment. Relational databases like MySQL, SQLite, etc.[/lumos_icon_block][lumos_icon_block icon=”icon-briefcase-1″]

Job profile

Speciality with IT management and software engineering[/lumos_icon_block]

Contact with me

If you want to contact me you can do it through the next form. In order to have the best attention, please indicate clearly the reason to contact me