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15 Apr 2020


NetroSign is Netrotec's own project for the management and reporting of presence control. It integrates with a physical time and attendance system distributed by Netrotec and offers an additional layer of privacy and security with symmetric encryption based on AES-256. In addition, it allows for the incorporation of an API that provides a layer of security [...]

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04 Apr 2020

SenSex Space

Web project made with WordPress and using Elementor as a content layout tool.

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21 Sea 2020


Project developed as a contracted professional for Mayrasa 2013 SL. The GoKey project is a project that has lasted more than 1 year of development and was carried out in a LAMP environment with pure PHP, an own MVC framework and the support of other frameworks and libraries such as JQuery or Bootstrap. It contains a public part, another [...]

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21 Sea 2020

Talleres y Grúas Mesa

Custom website development for Talleres y Grúas Mesa, Torrevieja. Based on WordPress

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